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Cheryl Gordon of Kingsfold Jacobs

Cheryl Gordon, owner and operator of Kingsfold Jacobs, has lived on her 21 acre farm in Shreve, Ohio for almost 30 years. Cheryl’s daughter, Laura, fell in love with Jacobs during her 4H years. She bought six ewes and a roll of fence her senior year of high school. After graduation, Laura was in college and holding summer jobs, then the ewes became “Mom’s sheep.” Cheryl grew up on a dairy farm, so she is well suited for animal husbandry.

Jacobs are named such because they are believed to have descended from the very flock kept by Jacob, son of Issac, grandson of Abraham, in the Bible. Jacobs are a piebald breed, having mostly dark wool with white spots. They also have at least two, usually four and up to six, horns. Cheryl loves the primitive Jacob breed. They are hardy and versatile. Kingsold Jacob sheep have clean fleeces of very high quality. Cheryl primarily markets the fleeces to hand spinners.

Cheryl currently has around 20 Jacobs. She practices rotational grazing, moving the sheep from one area to another during the growing season. This leads to healthier animals and land. Cheryl also composts the sheep’s winter wastes from the barn back onto the fields.

You can learn more about Kingsfold Jacobs from the farm Facebook page.

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Phone: (740)224-0700
Address: 103 East 3rd Street
                Uhrichsville, OH 44683
Hours: Tues., Wed., Fri., & Sat. 10-5, 
Thursday 12-7
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