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Christmas Stocking


Deck the halls with some handmade goodness!  These Christmas Stockings are easy to whip up and great for showcasing your favorite festive prints.  I made mine with a flannel lining which gave it some extra body.  If you went with two quilting cottons instead, you could attach batting to your outer layer and quilt it before starting!   These are also a great canvas to embellish with a little embroidery or decorative trim!


You will need:

Outer fabric

Lining fabric

Matching thread



Fold your outer fabric in half and lay the template on top.  Cut around the template to get two stocking-shaped pieces from the outer fabric.  They will be mirrored since the fabric was folded.

Repeat for the lining.  You will have four total stocking pieces, two outer and two lining.  


Cut a rectangle from the lining fabric that is 8 x 2”.  This will be your hanging loop.


Fold both short edges of your hanging loop rectangle under 1/4” and press.  Then, fold it in half lengthwise and press.  Open it back up and you will see a crease going down the rectangle lengthwise.  Fold both long edges to this crease and press.  Finally, fold the piece in half lengthwise again (along the same original crease) and press.


Stitch close to the edge along the long open side, making sure the short hems stay tucked under neatly.


Fold short edge to short edge.  Pin and stitch close to the edge.  You now have a hanging loop.


Put one outer stocking piece right sides together with one lining piece.  Their shapes should match.  Stitch along the top edge with a 1/4” seam.  Repeat with other pair of pieces.


Next, put these two pairs right sides together.  Pin all the way around, making sure the seams where lining meets outer fabric matches.

 Sew with a 1/4” seam all the way around, starting on the side of lining with a backstitch and ending about 4-5” from where you started, leaving a hole.


Reach inside and flip the stocking right side out.  Use a point turner to get all the seams pushed out nicely and press.  Roll the top of the stocking down to make the cuff.


Hand stitch the hole in the lining closed.


Pin the hanging loop to the inside of the stocking at the side seam of the heel side and stitch.


Optional-  sew the cuff down permanently with tacking stitches on both side seams.  You can do this by machine or sew it by hand for a more invisible look.


If you would like your stocking to be reversible, you can skip the tacking stitches and sew a second hanging loop to the other side!


You’re done!

Hang it on the mantle and enjoy!

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