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Brienna by Pindrop Fibers


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Brienna, meaning strong, is our Fingering weight Tunis wool. Brienna is a textured yarn, reminiscent of the ancestral hand spun yarns of our past. Pieces made with Brienna will have a truly special look that cannot be replicated with commercial yarns. Revel in the experience of this yarn making one-of-a-kind pieces - from sweaters, hats, and mittens to shawls and scarves – for yourself or someone you love.

Pindrop Fibers are all dyed using the earth's botanical dyes.

200 yards

Hand wash, dry flat, store out of direct sunlight

Each skein of Pindrop Fibers yarn is one-of-a-kind. We use local and rare breed wool that is raised  ourselves or purchased from local small farms. Our fiber is raised responsibly and sustainably. Pindrop Fibers dyes with nature’s colors, many that we responsibly forage by hand off local lands.

Natural Dyes:

Humans have been using plants and animals to dye fiber for millions of years. The indigo leaf, the symbol of Pindrop Fibers, is thought to be the oldest dye plant. While some natural dyes require a toxic metal mordant to bond with the fibers, we only use the safest, most environmentally friendly options.

We strive to create a local, natural, unique, sustainable product. Our long term goal is to forage for most of our dye stuffs and responsibly harvest them ourselves.

Your naturally dyed fiber should be stored in a dark place when not in use. Nature’s colors will fade with time and sunlight exposure. This is true of synthetic dyes as well, given enough light and time.

We hand wash each skein of yarn multiple times to eliminate residual dye color, but some may still rub off on your hands while working with the fiber. This is an unavoidable effect with some botanical dyes.

How It’s Made Matters:
When you buy from Pindrop Fibers, you are not only supporting local small business, but also small farms and local fiber artists. Your purchase allows us to re-invest in our growing business by purchasing items and services from local fiber mills, farmers and dye suppliers.

VM note: This wool has been processed by hand from the sheep. It was washed and spun with great care. Being an all-natural product, chemicals were not used to remove “vegetable matter” from this wool. You may find bits of grass or other debris. Consider these lovely reminders of the time and attention spent on this product which originated form a healthy, happy animal enjoying nature’s bounty.

This wool comes from a rare breed of sheep.  Over the past many centuries, farmers have worked to develop numerous breeds of livestock.  These animals exhibit traits vital for success on a small farm, such as good mothering characteristics and ability to thrive in harsh weather. These qualities are not considered valuable in today’s “big-ag” world, so some of these wonderful breeds are facing extinction.  Your purchase helps raise awareness and keep the breed alive, as well as helping your local fiber artist.

Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em is a challenge put on by the Livestock Conservancy as an effort to help save these breeds. Learn more at Let us know if you are participating in the challenge and we can send your sticker with the order!

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Phone: (740)224-0700
Address: 103 East 3rd Street
                Uhrichsville, OH 44683
Hours: Tues., Wed., Fri., & Sat. 10-5, 
Thursday 12-7
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