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Bonnie Jean - hand dyed Shetland wool


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Bonnie Jean
100% Shetland Wool
Hand Dyed
3-ply fingering weight

3 ounces/ 85 grams
200 yards

Hand wash, dry flat, store out of direct sunlight

Each skein of Pindrop Fibers yarn is one-of-a-kind. We use local and rare breed wool that is raised  ourselves or purchased from local small farms. Our fiber is raised responsibly and sustainably.

How It’s Made Matters:
When you buy from Pindrop Fibers, you are not only supporting local small business, but also small farms and local fiber artists. Your purchase allows us to re-invest in our growing business by purchasing items and services from local fiber mills, farmers and dye suppliers.

All Pindrop Fibers are made with local and rare breed wools and hand dyed, many of which using natural dyes.

This wool was raised locally and lovingly in Tuscarawas county.  It’s from a Shetland girl named Bonnie.  When Bonnie gets over her shy ways and comes in for a pet, her tail always, always wags in contentment.  Bonnie is docile and kind, except when she gets a burst of rambunctiousness and chases the chickens.  A carbohydrate lover, Bonnie consumes the occasional treat of crackers and bread with great relish.  Your purchase goes toward the care of this sweet ewe.

VM note: This wool has been processed by hand from the sheep. It was washed and spun with great care. Being an all-natural product, chemicals were not used to remove “vegetable matter” from this wool. You may find bits of grass or other debris. Consider these lovely reminders of the time and attention spent on this product which originated form a healthy, happy animal enjoying nature’s bounty.

This wool comes from a rare breed of sheep.  Over the past many centuries, farmers have worked to develop numerous breeds of livestock.  These animals exhibit traits vital for success on a small farm, such as good mothering characteristics and ability to thrive in harsh weather. These qualities are not considered valuable in today’s “big-ag” world, so some of these wonderful breeds are facing extinction.  Your purchase helps raise awareness and keep the breed alive, as well as helping your local fiber artist.

Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em is a challenge put on by the Livestock Conservancy as an effort to help save these breeds. Learn more at Let us know if you are participating in the challenge and we can send your sticker with the order!

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