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We all love the beautiful effects that can be achieved in our knitting projects by combining a gorgeous palette of coordinating colors.  Imagine if those complementary hues could be curated for you by an artisan dyer, and if the colors could change on their own as you peacefully knitted away, without having to change yarns and then weave in all those tails.  This is the magic of self-striping yarn!


Self-striping yarn will produce stripes of color within your project all on its own, in varying thicknesses and complexity.  The enjoyment of watching the colors shift from one to the next will make your project so calming and meditative, you won’t want to put it down.  You’ll find yourself constantly thinking, “one more row”, just to see that next color emerge.


Sock knitting is always a favorite use for self-striping yarns.  Try knitting a basic, vanilla sock, with little to no detail in the pattern, to allow the color changes of the self-striping yarn to shine.  Or, knit a hat and watch how the stripes are thinner with quicker repeats due to the larger circumference of the project.


For a more free-spirited color change, try our Ty-Dy Cotton.  The bright blocks of color are less like stripes, and more like messy, artfully fun blends that create a relaxed, eye-popping effect.


Self-striping yarns can combined with a solid yarn to make a piece that is not striped at all, but uniquely bold and impacting in its own way, like in this Butterfly Papillon Shawl, written to be used with Uneek yarns.  You can let self-striping yarns do the work for you in endless projects that call for many colors changing throughout.




Ty-Dy cotton creates a less-defined, gently striping effect in this Oh-Pa Top, pattern and yarn by Knit One, Crochet Too.




Urth yarns Uneek combines with a solid gold to make an unforgettable impact in the Butterfly Papillon shawl, pattern by Marin Melchior.

The Coffee Ring Scarf is another example of how Uneek yarn combined with a solid makes a big effect.




These Great Weekend Mitts and Methylcyclopropene Socks made in String Theory Colorworks Entanglement yarn show how the simplest patterns can be worked with self-striping yarn to make and eye-catching statement.

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