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Cynthia Wolfe of Lancien Farm

Cynthia Wolfe owns and operates Lancien Farm near Marysville, Ohio. She has been raising Shetland sheep for almost twenty years. Her farm was previously used for annual crops. When she bought the land, Cynthia seeded for permanent pastures, built fences, and got some sheep. She chose the Shetland breed primarily due to a fascination with the geographical area, which stemmed from a lifelong love of Arthurian legends. According to Cynthia, Lancien is a mythical town on the Scottish side of Hadrian’s wall, which separates Scotland from England in the time of King Arthur. Cynthia raised and showed Shetland sheep dogs for about fifteen years. Lancien Kennels grew into Lancien Farm.


Cynthia says, “Since the early days of having these sheep, I still amazed at how much they are like the dogs, very people oriented and affectionate, intelligent, responding to their names, and problem solvers. Fiercely independent and courageous, yet gentle and kind, loyal, and respectful. The fact that they come in eleven main natural color and a plethora of markings and patterns only endears them even more.” The Shetlands of Lancien Farm exhibit the myriad color and pattern options possible within the Shetland breed. Cynthia has built the flock with this as an emphasis. She practices rotational grazing and composts all winter barn wastes onto the pastures.


There is a wide variety of wool quality within the Shetland sheep breed. Cynthia is a member of the Fine Fleece Shetland Sheep Association and adheres to their Traditional 1927 branding for exceptional wool quality. We are very excited to have this wonderful local wool. The finished yarn will be available by the Fall of 2021.


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