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One of the topics I am asked about all the time is about Continental knitting.

If you are asking "What is Continental Knitting?", it's just a different style of knitting where you hold your yarn in your left hand, instead of using your right hand to wrap it around your needle. 

I love Continental Knitting and I think everyone should try it!  I knitted English style for about ten years before I ever even tried it, and I've never looked back!  I was a crocheter before a knitter, and I just never loved knitting like I loved crochet.  Crochet to me felt good and had a fluid flowing motion, whereas knitting to me was so tedious and "manual"-feeling.  Ever since I tried Continental, I love knitting just as much as crochet!  Actually, if you're a crocheter, Continental knitting will come really easily to you.

This is a free video just for you.  I hope you try it out, and I hope you love Continental Knitting as much as I do!  Give the video a Like and please Subscribe my channel if you like this kind of thing and want to see more!

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