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Elisabeth Baltzly of B4 Farm

Elisabeth Baltzly owns and operates B4 Farm near Navarre. Elisabeth entered the ruminant world when her sons were young, almost 30 years ago. She purchased a sheep and a goat at an auction as pets for the preschool boys. About a year later, she purchased more sheep because the first was so much fun. One of the new sheep was a ram and the rest, as they say, is history!

Elisabeth now has around 50 adult sheep on just 7 acres of pasture, an impressive feat she manages beautifully through intensive rotational grazing. Her sheep get moved to new pasture every single day! She raises several breeds, including Blue Face Leicester, Romney, Montadale, Romanov, and Cheviot. The flock has many crossbreeds, each providing a surprise fleece with unique characteristics.

Elisabeth is a spinner and finds the craft very relaxing. She is willing to share her expertise with beginners. “We need entrepreneurs and marketers [in our domestic wool market]! I have also noticed a new interest in knitting. Men and women are rediscovering the calming effect of creating something useful with their own hands. I have a deep interest in promoting this old craft, and am happy to teach any beginner...from sheep to shawl, as the saying goes!”

Elisabeth is hopeful and excited for a bright wooly future. “Our goal for our farm is to always be ready to learn new things, strive for sustainability and conservation, and produce high quality products….It is exciting for us to see each small improvement, and at the same time the stumbling blocks keep us humble! ”

Contact Us:

Phone: (740)224-0700
Address: 103 East 3rd Street
                Uhrichsville, OH 44683
Hours: Tues., Wed., Fri., & Sat. 10-5, 
Thursday 12-7
            *Closed Sunday & Monday