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Cable Knit Pumpkin Pattern
by Jessika Zontini

Whip up your own pumpkin patch in a variety of colors and sizes. This pumpkin is knitted in the round and uses cables. You can use magic loop on a long circular needle, or if preferred, you can use a set of double

pointed needles. Gauge is not crucial for this project. This pumpkin was made with a DK weight yarn on US size 5 needles. You can make it any weight yarn to get different sized pumpkins. You'll just want to use a

needle in the range of sizes recommended for your chosen yarn (check the yarn label if you're not sure.) The final touch is a real twig piece that is glued in at the end.


Difficulty: Intermediate




K - Knit

P - Purl

CNF - Cable Needle Front.  Slip the indicated number of stitches onto the cable needle and hang it in front of the work. 3 sts CNF means to slip 3 stitches (purl wise) onto the cable needle.

CN - Cable Needle.  Work the indicated number of stitches from the cable needle.  K3 (CN) means to knit 3 stitches off of the cable needle.


What you'll need:

US size 5 32" circular needle, or US size 5 DPNs

DK weight yarn

Tapestry needle


Hot glue gun

Pillow stuffing



CO 70. Be sure to leave an extra long tail (about 20") at the beginning that will be used later.

Join to knit in the round.

Rnd 1: (K2, P3, K6, P3) 5 times.

Rnd 2 & 3: Repeat rnd 1.

Rnd 4: [K2, P3, 3 sts CNF, K3, K3 (CN), P3] 5 times.

Repeat Rnds 1-4 7 more times. Bind off. Cut your tail leaving about 20".

You now have a tube. Thread one of your long tails into a tapestry needle, and sew a running stitch all the

way around the tube. You can use long stitches, about 1/2" each. When your running stitch reaches the

beginning of the round, where you started, pull the tail to gather the tube as tightly as you can. Be careful not

to break your yarn. Hold it tight and slip your needle under a nearby stitch and tie two tight knots to secure.

Hide the tail inside.

Now repeat for the other open end of the tube. After you sew the running stitch, pull it to tighten, but before

you close it all the way, fill the pumpkin with stuffing. Then close it all the way and secure with two knots as

before. Then, insert the needle straight down the center of the pumpkin to the other side. Use the needle to

grab a central stitch, then bring the needle back up through the center. Pull it tight so it pinches the pumpkin

in the middle, making the shape. Secure with two tight knots and hide the tail inside.


I am here to help if you get stuck! Email me at with any questions.  I’d love to see your finished pumpkin!

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